Meet Our Creative Crew

Gayla Parks - Studio Manager and Board Secretary

I am so blessed to be part of such an amazing crew!  My passion for helping others and showing my creative side fits right in with all the wonderful people I get to work with and new people I meet every day.  ArtLink inspires my creativity and holds a special place in my heart.


Stefani Robertson - Homeschool Program Director

Art is life! And art is universal. I'm so fortunate to be working with a group of people who see the importance of art in our community and help provide the necessary creative outlet to those who may not otherwise find it. ArtLink truly embraces every facet of creativity which I believe is key to the human experience.



 Ragaiey Ibarhim - Director of Sales

ArtLink to me is a wonderful place that offers you that creative outlet in expressing yourself in various forms of art all while learning these new passions to discover within you. It’s a fun safe space to meet other friendly faces who can be positively influential in your life just as you may be in theirs. ~
My favorite free-time go to :)


Hope Afton - Creative Host - Origami Workshop and Stained Glass Workshop

ArtLink is a safe space for creatives to learn to trade skills, as well as, reach out to the community as a whole. :)

Ryan Saunders - Creative Host - Stop Motion

ArtLink to me was a way to get involved and interact with a creative community in a fashion that I'd never had the chance to before. ArtLink is something that gave me an idea of what I wanted to with my life.

@beyondmyhorizon.mp17, @ryanism_creative_studios

Tracy Bettencourt - Creative Host - Painting in the Dark Workshop

Artlink to me means freedom of creativity, setting a strong foundation that builds creativity, insight, imagination, values and innovation. Most importantly, giving back to the community. As well as being able to share my own skills and creativity with others in a positive, diverse and supportive environment.

Brittany Bright - Mom N Tot Host

With a free art cart full of possibilities and inspiration anywhere you look, it's easy to get the creative juices flowing and create something unique. ArtLink Means a safe place for me and my little one to explore our creative sides!


Meet The Interns

Meet the Photographers

Whitney Davis

Artlink is home away from home where I can be myself and be as creative as I want. I have a servants heart and love to help others, so it's also a place that brings me joy and peace.


Meet The Board

Maria Haycraft - Founder and Executive Director

ArtLink is a place where you can discover who you are in a creative way because we were all created on purpose with a purpose and ArtLink is a great place to start to explore that.




Stephanie Belanger - President

ArtLink to me means togetherness, support, encouragement and inspiration!  A safe and fun place where anyone can express themselves through creativity and let their passions shine through!


Darrion Wiley-Hunt - Board Member

I love the way Artlink ignites creativity not only in the art scene, but also introducing new opportunities to all walks of life. The Artlink Studio, Volunteers, and staff give the most welcoming, inviting, and positive energy which is essential to creativity.

Christina Riedel - Board Member

ArtLink is a passionate organization investing in the creative and social needs of our community members. Being in a vibrant space, having opportunities to be creative and connecting with others develops positive ripples one special moment at a time. The ArtLink team celebrates the arts and interacts with such compassion. It warms my heart.