Paint in the Dark Workshop

Paint in the Dark Workshop

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Paint in the Dark Workshop

Creating a new light in the dark. 
Get ready to create in a new way. Sometimes we have to close our eyes to truly see.

For this workshop you will learn how to paint without sight. Tracy is an amazing artist with a unique ability to create in the dark herself and will show you how she does it while you can create a one of a kind piece yourself. 

Age Limit: The class uses the sense of touch/feel while painting on a canvas medium.  The participant will need to be able to follow direction from the host.  Ages 14 and up are recommended.

Tracy Bettencourt is a mother of two, fitness competitor, artist, and Teacher, she began to lose her sight in her early 30s from a degenerative eye disease known as Retinitis Pigmentosa. Although the disease has left her blind, the hardships she experienced have not prevented her from being an advocate for those with disabilities, motivational speaker, and artist. Through her artwork she conveys her perception of the world around her while bringing new insight to her work

This is an all ages class.
p.s. Don't wear your fave threads this one might get messy; but don't worry we have all the aprons juts in case.

Join us at the art studio:
Time and date vary based on options below
located at:
ArtLink Studio
116 Strawberry Alley Clarksville, Tn. 37040

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