Vet Art Day

Vet Art Day

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Vet Art Day is held every Wednesday at the Artlink Studio.  We want to show our Veterans appreciation for their service by giving them a day to create something for themselves and others.  

Included in package: Exercise using one of our Dream Boards to create a water painting technique to relax before beginning the next projects.

Projects (pick 2)

  • 5x7 canvas board painting
  • shrinky dink
  • (3) 1" buttons
  • metal stamping
  • hydro-dipping

Then, we end the 2 hours by creating a card for someone who may need it. (ex: veteran, senior, hospital, etc)

Time: 2 hour session

Location: 116 Strawberry Alley

All Materials Provided

*All sales/bookings are non-refundable