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The mission to ignite passion and build character through creativity has a great impact on our community. ArtLink offers so many low cost or free programs to the public. We generate all of our operating costs from donations and fundraising. 


To provide the community with a creative outlet in a variety of forms;

Building opportunities to explore our creativity so that we do not just survive but thrive;

Leading our community to live a life that's inspired, contagiously hope filled

Cultivating a place where you have a sense of belonging

Building confidence and unity by supporting each other.

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  1. BOLDNESS - we will not stand down but always rise and bring others with us.

  2. PASSION - are you even truly living without it?

  3. INTEGRITY - uncompromising in upholding morals, ethics and standards

  4. TRUST - a safe and reliable and honest place to grow creatively

  5. TEAMWORK - We are here together to serve together, grow together & help together

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