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The Full Story

Our Past

ArtLink began as an idea among friends. We saw a need for a collaborative space for FREE art. So we gave it a name and ran with the idea. In 2012 ArtLink hosted a fashion and art show to raise funds to turn the idea into reality. We became an official 501(c)3 non-profit entity and hit the ground running seeking spaces in which to create art. ​We partnered with many small and local businesses who opened their doors to us to offer free art classes in their spaces. As we continued we moved into larger spaces and found more people participating. We offered larger-scale projects like mobile community murals and began to display them locally as well. This was more than just another art class—this was a movement to inspire. Our core also grew. This isn’t just a couple of friends anymore—it has developed into a team with leaders who passionately serve, and a Board of Directors who help drive the mission and vision that our founder Maria Haycraft has set forth and that she saw from the very beginning.

Our Present

ArtLink has moved into a brick and mortar space to now offer all of our programs under one roof, as well as our outreach programs including our mobile trailer pop-ups in the community. ArtLink partners with several businesses, organizations, and groups to find ways to serve our community in a collaborative way. We team up with the City, County, Austin Peay State University, and the CMCSS school system to reach and offer as much as we possibly can. We seek sponsorships with organizations and businesses as well to help collect the needed resources to successfully run our non-profit, in turn offering a way for businesses to give back to the community. As our reach expands so, too, does the need to grow our team. We are always looking for passionate people who believe in what we are doing to jump in and take part. We have internship opportunities for students in many fields, community service opportunities for students in need of hours, volunteer opportunities for those interested in giving back, and leadership and growth opportunities for those with a passion to serve and be a part or something bigger than themselves.

Our Future

We plan to outgrow our current location if the past is any indication. We, in a few short months, grew out of our one room studio space to a building offering four times the square footage. We will never stop growing because the need for what we do will never go away. The awareness will continue to reach more people and that will keep pushing us to new levels.

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